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the titian touch range: a new concept in touchplates

Titian Touch revolutionises the light switch. Offering a range of touchplates in an array of designs, materials, finishes and colours. Our system is easy to install, is suitable for wet areas and comes standard with a 2-way memory dimmer. Each touchplate is customisable and it is up to you to decide which plates in which combination you would like on your walls.  



launching our five collections

view architecture collection

view basic collection

view children's collection


view dimension collection

view nature collection


how to customize and buy your switches

Look through our collections and once you know which switches styles you want:

1.  customize each style by selecting material, finish, colour and LED
2.  mix, match and customize styles until you have added all the touchplates you want to the cart
3.  add touch-dimming components
4.  decide if you want matching outlet frames
5.  checkout (volume discounts applied in cart)





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